-[Ruby Harris]-

Signs and Banners

Ruby Harris'," Signs and Wonders" created these banners, signs, posters, art, and graphics.

-[You Are Here]-
-[You Are]-

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-[Advance Advertising Sign & Company]-
-[Dental and Medical Center]-

-[Education and Sharing Day]-

-[R U Clean]-


-[James Lowell of Apollo 13]-

-[Bnei Ruven Centennial Celebration]-
-[Club Normandy]- -[P S Bargains]-

-[Rosenblum's World of Judaica]-
-[Apple Orchard]-

-[60s & 70s Concert Poster Show]-
-[The Pratt Lane]- -[Hot Lunch]-

-[Niles -- Where People Count]-
-[Pulse Ambulance]- --

-[Crate and Barrel]-
-[The Landings]- -[Grindmasters]-

-[I want You Tattooed]-
-[Smuggle's Row -- Grassroots Clothing and Gifts]-

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