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The following FAQ's are placed here to make your online visit simpler. Below we answer the questions:

  • What does it take to hear music/audio online?
  • How Do I Purchase the CD?
  • What are payment methods?
  • What are the tax charges?
  • What are the shipping charges?
  • What is the return policy?

What does it take to hear music/audio online?

You must have a computer which is capable of allowing you to hear the files before you attempt to download them. Most current computers (store-bought, within the last 6 months) should have everything necessary. That said, your computer needs both hardware and software to listen to online music samples. Hardware involved includes a sound card and speakers. Software to listen to Real Audio is available free of charge from Real Networks, and is called the Real Player. Software to listen to MP3 is available free of charge from many places on the Internet. An advantage to downloading the Real Networks' Real Player is that you can also use the same software to listen to MP3 music.

The real trick to listening to music online is developing the patience for it. Everything online is coded in terms of bits and bytes, and eventually becomes a file. Text files are usually very small. Images are larger files. Audio files take up more file sizes for adequate reproduction of different tones, and video files are the largest, to compensate for both moving images and audio.

Real Audio is used on the Internet because file size and resulting download time is small, and you can begin listening to the music stream while it downloads. Quality of sound is sacrificed for a smaller file size. Real Audio provides telephone quality sound.

MP3 is used to create amazing CD quality sound, for a slightly larger filesize and download time.

How Do I Review a performance I have seen?

You may review any performance Ruby Harris has made on the Guest Book. Simply go to the guestbook, click on Add to this Guestbook, and add your music review or accolade.

How do I purchase the CD?

The CD may be purchased online through the website. You must go to the Order CD section. There you will find the information you need to purchase cd's.


What are the shipping charges?

Price of Items Shipping Method Shipping/Handling Charge
  Up to $50 U.P.S. Ground $3.00
 $50.01 - 100.00 U.P.S. Ground $6.00
 100.01 - 150.00 U.P.S. Ground $9.00
 150.01 - 200.00 U.P.S. Ground $11.00
 200.01 - 250.00 U.P.S. Ground $13.00
  $250 or More U.P.S. Ground Free

What is the return policy?

Any CD returned within 30 days in the unopened package will be fully refunded, including price of shipping.

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