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Calendar of Performances

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You can see Ruby at the following weekly events. Hope to see you there.

Every Tuesday Nite:
Come on down, have a Mint Julep, it's always a colorful crowd... Meet the stars...
Phil Baron & Ruby Harris play all kinds of cool stuff
at The Redhead Piano Bar 16 W. Ontario, Chicago 1st show @ 11:30pm
"They're the next level up in the tradition of Johnny Frigo and Joe Vito"... The late great Joe Venuti
azz violin, Barrelhouse piano, Blues, Jam, Country, Celtiklezmer Rock n' Roll, and the inimitable American, Cosmopolitan, and International book of the popular song tradition  (huh?), and, of course, your creative requests.
Bring lot's of 20s to put in the tip jug . . .
Some recent guests are Billy Joel, Joe Montana, members of REO Speedwagon, Journey, Styx, Desiree Irwin from Tony & Tina's Wedding, Elvis, and many more

Every Sunday Nite:
Ruby Harris & The Grateful Bluegrass band with Wavy Davy play all kinds of cool stuff
at The Boulevard Cafe, at Logan Square, Kedzie and Milwaukee, Chicago 1st show @ 8:30pm Jammers are welcome
"Intrigue, humor, eroticism, and high-seas adventure can easily be imagined in the music of these virtuosi" . . .- -Walter Winchell, c.1932 New York Telegraph, talking about Jessel and Durante , but it's basically the same with Ruby & Phil...

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Weekly Performances

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Phil Baron and Ruby Harris

Play all kinds of cool stuff
at Grape Street & Vine Piano Bar 226 E. Ontario, Chicago 1st show @ 8pm

  Phil Baron and Ruby Harris

The Redhead, 16 W. Ontario, Chicago
Jam, Jelly, and Fine Cocktails

11:30 p.m.



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